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Limiter inverter with RS485 load setting
Hi CompletelyCharged, I started to collect values to graph them to demonstrate but the system started acting up again, the same problem of over supply to the grid. It took two days to troubleshoot and the intermittency of the problem is really frustrating. I swapped resistor values, I changed the topology from a "bus" network to a "star" network and I added a 10 watt router as a heater in case it was the cold that was affecting it (the problems would also mostly happen at night time too, and it was the only thing I could think of). Nothing helped and it would just send data to the grid until I flipped the breakers.

I assume the issue is with the meter as my packet captures still seems to occasionally have incorrect values.

I have been able to hack together the code by MasterTH and I already have an Rpi at both the electricity box and at the location where the batteries are so I will remove the meter, call the json value from the CT clamp, and put the new values out on the wire and see if I can bypass the meter completely.

One question I have is when using multiple inverter units- I'm guessing that the meter halves the requested power, (as part of the "Unit" button) and both units pick up the same packet and drive to that? If this is the case I will modify MasterTH's code to reduce the power value in half and post my version when I have some extra error protection built in.

One more feature I would like is to lower the maximum output power slightly if there is less power from the panels, to lesson the stress on the batteries. I'm running these in 24 volts setup and two 900 watt inverters would pull about 60 amps off a 24 volt pack which i want to avoid, even though I designed my packs for about that amount. This should be easy enough to implement but it might take me some time.

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