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Limiter inverter with RS485 load setting
I've been finding that the devices are not working consistently. When I was using the limiter which was supplied with the devices they only worked for several hours and rarely made it through the day before going crazy- outputting a high rate constantly until they drained the battery or were restarted.

The entire purpose for replacing the limiter box with a software solution was to solve this problem but it seems like it is still there! I've been working on the software and including time of day features for night rates, which I have in my house, and also features for adapting the output based on if there is a lot of power coming from the panels along with other checks and exception catching.

I know the problem is with the inverters because I have a kill script that I can run when they operate normally and once started the output will drop to zero. When the inverters are going crazy they will not obey the kill script.

All this time it seems that the inverters cannot make it through a single day without needing to be shut down, this is not great because while i'm in the house a lot at the moment, I cannot depend on them when I'm back going to the office again.

Does anyone have a solution because I'm at my wits end here! The only thing I can think of is hope for a firmware upgrade that perhaps solves this issue!

I've attached a photo of the inverter going rogue. It was set to output at a low value then all of a sudden it went bananas.


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