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2x 7S28P = 7S56P without series cell connection
Hey Guys,

I've got 2 pack of 7S28P of LG MG1 and I need to make 7S56P, but... due to the fact they are in own casing I do not want open them up and Connect 28p with each other. (two 7S separate balancers)

So they will only by connected by plus and minus terminals creating 7S56P with separate 28cell. 
I hope it's clear enough  Angel

How bad idea is it?
Packs build:
7S1P 60Ah ~1.5kW SAMSUNG SDI prismatic cells - I'm looking for more info about them / PV if you know more Huh
7S84P 240Ah ~6.2kW from 588x cells LG MG1 2850mAh
Inverter - 3kW AIMS  pure sine
Solar - considering addding 220W with MPPT Make Sky Blue 30A
Set up for mobile gastronomy 2kW cooling compressor + 500W appliancies
Spot Welder - Mactronic V3.
Its fine as long as you have 1 bms per pack. Controlling each pack that is and taking care of it.
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+1 daramer
Nothing wrong with connecting them at the absolute ends. Just make sure to have a fuse between each bank to the busbar, so you'd have 2 fuses in this current setup. If you add anymore, you'd have another fuse for each one.
Ideally, just a suggestion, if you could put a shunt on each bank/string so that you can tell if 1 string is pulling/draining faster than the other. If each one has it's own bms, you might be able to use it for this information instead.
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