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[SELLING] Samsung SDI cell - 22Ah - EU - Austria - LiFePO4
Celling Samsung SDI cells.

LiFePO4 Cells with 22Ah 
Internal resistance: 2.7 mOhm
measured capacity: 20.063mAh between 3.55V and 2.90V - No full cycle was done.

Dimension per cell 20x95x173 mm B * H * L
All cells have exactly 3.21V.
Two M4 AlMag3 bolts were welded per cell so that they can be easily and individually connected.
Ask for shipping.
Price 22 € per cell.
Don't forget to mention these are LiFePO4 cells!!
Electric Ship Propulsion, Second Life batteries and Energy Storage Systems
(07-17-2019, 10:10 PM)HollandNL Wrote: Don't forget to mention these are LiFePO4 cells!!

Yes, Thanks. I thought i'm able to correct this Information.  Angel 

Resistance is only 2,7 mOhm.
Measured capacity of a cell is from 3,55V to 2,90V - 20.063mAh.
So i did not measured a full cycle.


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