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LiitoKala Voltage reading wrong by -0.30V
Yes I also found my brand new liitokala 500 very dodgy, i now charge my batteries 8 at a time on my imax b6, that consistently charges to 4.2 volts then I throw the cells in the Liliuokalani and do the normal test, much more consistent results.
I’ve also found the liitokala is off by a few millivolts, it says 4.2, my multi meter says 4.13/4, that’s measured on a $10 jay car meter, i do have a more expensive meter but use the small one for convenience
(08-05-2019, 01:23 AM)Geek Wrote: I had a LiPo that I accidentally overcharged, LiHv setting - 4.35v instead of 4.2. It swelled up like a balloon. I don't know what voltage it hit, as I disconnected the charger immediately.

yeah ... and then found WHO to take the dead LiPo???

LiPo is ... tweaky, to say the least.

18650's don't swell up into a balloon .. and are entirely more stable than any LiPo's ... (know anyone with a drone/quadcopter that runs bottom mount and crash landed / flown lately? softpacks are ... disposable).

My point was simply this -- Lithium cells WILL charge to way over spec (without exploding).  Doesn't mean that a fire will ensue, but definitely DOES mean something is wrong in terms of safety/charging protocol.
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I am an iSDT fanbois.  also a proud owner of two SC608AC's .. totally recommended.

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