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[SELLING] [SELLING] Laptop batteries by the POUND, a Few medical packs - (US only)
Okay so I haven't been on the forum for a LONG time, but I decided to show up today because I have something new to sell. This time i'm actually gonna answer PMs and close sales unlike the last time (story behind that later).

Long story short: I began on this forum (and still am) an ebiker. I build battery packs for my ebike and because we both source and use old "dead" packs. I just source from power tool and drill batteries while the rest of your source from pretty much whatever you can find.

Background: If you go through my post history, you will notice I pretty much ghosted on the forum back in june 2018. This is because I went back to school and left my 18650 projects behind. Now that I have a few weeks remaining in the summer I have a little more time on my hands.

Near me in Michigan, there is this gigantic recycling center I visit often and they usually get in hundreds of pounds of laptop and medical battery packs every few months. They also happen to get in a LOT of computers and parts. The computer thing is the other reason why I ghosted: I started a business (while still going to college). It's called CircleTech LLC. We source used PCs then refurbish and resell them. If you want to help me pay for my college, please consider buying parts from our ebay store:

I go back to Southern Illinois University on August 19th and have a vacation in Vancouver from July 23-29th, so I don't have much time to sell these batteries. The owner of this particular scrapyard has allowed me to keep the batteries stored at his scrapyard until I go back to college, meaning I do not have to actually buy them from him and stock them until a sale is closed. This is what allows me to lower the prices for you guys since I don't have to hold anything for any length of time.

Here is what is available, pricing, and shipping:

Some "Ventilator" batteries:

They contain Molicell ICR-18650H cells inside them with each pack containing 20 cells. Testing with a foxnovo digital charger 4S has yielded a capacity of 1800-2100mah of the one pack I did open. There are 20 of them available.


Price: $10 each + shipping.

Some Resmed Medical battery packs:


These contain Moli IHR-18650B cells. I have tested these to also be around the 2000mah mark just from opening one pack. Each pack contains 12 cells. 40 packs are available.

Price - $7 a pack + shipping


I believe these medical battery packs are from a hospital that just replaces their packs on a calendar date. It's not worth it for them to reuse old packs so they just buy new ones every year and the used ones have barely any cycles on them. I'm only speculating this because i've seen these battery packs come in often.

Also available is half a pallet box of laptop batteries. I will be shipping you a random amount of batteries based on weight. I buy these buy weight so I will sell them by weight:


The problem is because this is a pallet box full of random cells, I cannot guarantee what you will receive. But I can at the very least promise you this:

I will ship you a bunch of laptop batteries that I would only buy for myself. This means I will not send you a bunch of shitty lipo macbook batteries or REALLY old laptop batteries. I'll send you a mix of dell, HP, and generic batteries with calculated cell capacities in each pack above 2000mah to start.

Price (per pound) - $3 a pound of packs + shipping. For you, this essentially means you will be paying approximately 35 cents a cell before shipping.

How will shipping work?

Since I am only shipping to the 48 US states to avoid dealing with international headaches like import taxes and fees, I will be using USPS flat rate boxes for small quantities of packs (think under 30 pounds) and Fedex for large quantities of packs (think over 100 pounds). For large orders, I will have to calculate the shipping. For small orders, I can just chuck everything in a flat rate box and price stays relatively the same.

Prices for shipping: 

under 10 pounds - $15

10-25 pounds: $25

Above 25 pounds: depends. I'll have to quote you a fedex rate.

So yeah, this is what available. Send me PMs if you are interested, otherwise these packs will stay to rot at the scrapyard since I can't/don't need them.

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