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How to add pictures / photos to Projects

How to add pictures to projects I'm working on, top left one side by rePacr link.
Sorry if it's basic question...
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Packs build:
7S1P 60Ah ~1.5kW SAMSUNG SDI prismatic cells - I'm looking for more info about them / PV if you know more Huh
7S84P 240Ah ~6.2kW from 588x cells LG MG1 2850mAh
Inverter - 3kW AIMS  pure sine
Solar - considering addding 220W with MPPT Make Sky Blue 30A
Set up for mobile gastronomy 2kW cooling compressor + 500W appliancies
Spot Welder - Mactronic V3.
Make a thread in the projects forum and upload them to the first post.
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