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[SELLING] Made in Holland, dis/charger/tester or in parts
Hi friends,

I am selling my dis/charger/tester in one piece or in parts.
It will come with plenty extra parts.

In general:
35 zb2l3, 5 of them are "out of line", new 2.30 each.
9 "units" to contain 10 cells each.
Some spare capri boxes.
13 x 2 cell holders 0.50 cent each
26 x 4 cell holders 80 cent each

20 x 5,6 ohm
30 x 6,8 ohm
10 x 5,1 ohm
They are not from aliexpress, some better quality 50 cent each.

5 spare female sub d connector
10 spare male sub d connector.
50 cent each.

180 yellow sleeves
~8 meters of fuse wire, 0,4mm, burns at 5 amp with a full cell.
10 spare tp4056
And some other small stuff.

~20-25 meters red and blue wire 0.75 mm (total 40-50 meters, left over, total in the board 150-175 meters)

Buyers who want the whole thing go first, incl buck converter, before i dismantle the poor thingy.

100 euro for the whole lot and everything i can find, except the power supply units.
Or make a offer on somethings.

Make a good offer on the psu, it is not ali junk psu.

Going to buy myself a professional tester.

plus 2000 1 amp low quality glass fusses
and 3000 1 amp high quality glass fusses.

To small for a decent pallet gun, have fun

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