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Cell capacity at different temperatures
While it is nothing new that temperature affects capacity, do you know if cycle life can improve in cooler, but not too cold, conditions, similar to how limiting depth of charge/discharge increases cycle life? Every data sheet I have ever seen only shows cycle life at 20 or 25*C. And we all know that 40*C will kill cells twice as fast or faster. But how about like 10 or 15*C? I had an idea of using a chest refrigerator with an external regulator set for like 15*C as the ultimate fire-resistant, low humidity, temperature regulated battery cabinet, assuming it could support the weight of the batteries, of course.

Also, for capacity testing, you need A LOT of cycles to see any results, unless you start with cells that are pretty worn out to begin with. In my test, I was expecting results right away because everyone says generic cells are bad without any sort of proof. Are you going to start a thread on your cycle testing? I'm curious about the cells you are using - age, % of capacity, brand, etc.
Check out my long-term capacity test of 18650s:

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