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Help me choose the right learning path to building my own Battery Management System
I cant remember what its name was, but I based my project on an existing BMS that used the Texas Instrument BQ series chip.

It's 80% of the way done. Id recommend doing what I did and pick up where they left off.  Using that design as the base, i've still put in a hundred plus hours of my time and I'm not even to 90% :Tongue so if you are looking for something to do, that's a great place to start. 

If you search to find my thread -  you'll find references to the reference design I used.  It will allow for a single board that can balance etc for the number of cells you need, plus room for extras. 

He uses a microcontroller that's a bit harder for the avg person to use, so you can also just use my first design which used on-board balancing and uses an ESP8266 which uses the arduino ide and libraries, so it's easier to get going.

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