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Batt calculator?
im struggling with my maths, is there a calcuator that helps you design a battery pack.
My aim is to make a small 230v ac ring main, first. and take it further,
Im using an average of 8kw per day? thats the uk average house usage i soppose thats what im aiming for
Here's a simple website that does A * V = Watts. Remember that 1000mah = 1ah.

Another of my favorite web sites is PVWatts - This works for UK cities and lets you put in PV info and it gives a pretty accurate 'average' output per your local weather of what you can expect.
(07-20-2019, 11:49 AM) Wrote: My aim is to make a small 230v ac ring main, first. and take it further,

Do you mean 230v AC or DC? I sure how you mean making 230VAC using an inverter from DC voltage <96VDC
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When starting out, the real consideration is more to do with which appliances your hoping to run and for how long, then work from there..

If you want to run a computer separately off-grid style then the inverter is different compared to if you want the computer to be plugged into the house wiring and then back-feed the power from your solar/batter in a grid-tied manner.

Volts x Amps = Watts (or Watts / Volts = Amps)
Watts x Hours = Wh
Watt Hours / 1000 = kWh

For the units police : kWh / Wh / V / A / VA
VA is sometimes how appliance ratings are shown and for inverter consideration assume it's watts.

For appliances be aware that the surge when you switch them on can be many times the rated wattge. I have a 900W vaccume cleaner that pulls (or registers on the meter) 4.5kW when it start's up..... and would destroy a cheap 1200W inverter, which on a 1 for 1 ratings basis shoudl run....
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