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48v Chevy Volt Battery BMS
Searching for help and found this site.

I just recently purchased a 48v Chevrolet Battery with a Xioxiang BMS connected.

I am not able to charge the cells in the battery more than 3.6v when I should be able to charge cells to 4.0v/4.1v and feel like it may be due to a BMS setting.

BMS Settings:

Any chance someone could please tell me what I'm doing wrong?
What are you charging it with ?
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I'm charging it with 8 solar panels and an RPS controller.

It seems like the cells get to right around this level and don't continue to to up.

What's the target voltage set to on that weird charger - nice array though.

That weird charger looks to be part of a 12v well pump system - designed for Pb batteries ?
Hey Sean, thanks for the reply. I'm not aware of any settings on it, I only have a B+ and B-. Here is a manufacturer diagram (I have the RPS 800).
A touch of déjà vu ...

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