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7S BMS cheap and reliable able to pass 30-40A of constant current
Hello Guys,

Could you please advise such an BMS that is available in EU or from CN (shipping to PL)

I need 3xpcs that allow each to deliver 30-40A of constans current, so appropriate will be to choose 50A.
Cells are the same one, and almost new, so they ballanced to 5mA, BMS will only act as protection unit, mainly for overcharging, because when discharging there's always someone present and inverter won't allow to discharge below 20V (~2.85V per cell).

I know the site, but it's a little hard to navigate, and there's no opinion about chosen BMS'es.

I think we should have on forum some FAQ about BMS, what to choose, from where and opinion thread about each one.  Angel
Packs build:
7S1P 60Ah ~1.5kW SAMSUNG SDI prismatic cells - I'm looking for more info about them / PV if you know more Huh
7S84P 240Ah ~6.2kW from 588x cells LG MG1 2850mAh
Inverter - 3kW AIMS  pure sine
Solar - considering addding 220W with MPPT Make Sky Blue 30A
Set up for mobile gastronomy 2kW cooling compressor + 500W appliancies
Spot Welder - Mactronic V3.

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