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Installing an ESS sytem with Victron stuff

Lets discuss the procedure to install an Victron system as ESS. In my case the battery bms will be batrium.

The products I have are:
-3 times multiplus 2 48V 5000VA
-2 times bluesolar 150/70 tr
-1 color control gx

The reason that I start this thread is to gather al the knowledge that is on this community.

The info from Victron itself is not 100% complete.
The info from Batrium is practically right. Only need to watch out that you choose the right Voltage limits yourself.

Site from Victron:

Site from Batrium:
(07-25-2019, 06:06 AM)TimBelgium Wrote: The info from Victron itself is not 100% complete.

What do you think is missing ?
After setting the 3 multiplus in parallel. You cant connect with VE config to the multiplus because it says not programmed as stand alone. After an hour of searching... You need to go the quick one again and then right click on the master and then VE config. And if you set up ESS you need to connect to every multiplus separate. You cant send that data to all 3 in 1 go. You need to repeat the proces for sleave 1 and 2.

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