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Batrium Question
I am looking to the near future and see a Batrium system. My question is on their site all of the "Starter Kits" are for 14s 48volt systems. Is there one for 24 volt or can it be used for a 24 volt setup?
Great question! The starter kits aren't specific to 48v, they just contain 14 longmons. You can monitor up to 14 packs, regardless of 12v, 24v, or 48v.
Alec_J yes the system will run on 24v, it is rather modular to handle most combinations. Send us a email from the Batrium website and we can send you a quote with shipping. When you decide you want to switch from 24v to 48v just buy more cell monitors.
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Thanks! The website specifically stated 48v is why I questioned. I hope to get one soon!
The set you looked at was with 14 long mons. You could run 2*7s too on it = 24v system. or just hook up 3mons and rund 12V system and then you have rest of the mons later on.

If you know you wont go above 7s for a while you could of course buy it in parts instead.
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