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[fixed] Configuration issue MPP MPI 10k Hybrid

first thanks for everyone providing huge loads of information in this forum - this is how I finally got my DIY powerwall together (15.5 kWh), I'll put together a report on the built etc once I figured out the last issues I have.

Before I go into my problem just a quick summary:
  • 1680x 18650 LiIon cells in a 120P14S config with Batrium BMS
  • Config: Use PV and battery to satisfy house usage, if thats not enough use grid as well. Export excess PV power to grid, never export battery charge.
After the inverter was quite happy yesterday evening to use the charge to support the house it today reports warning 13 "Battery voltage low". Thing is the battery still sits at 55 Volts and I can't find the mistake I most likely did in the MPP settings. From how I configured it my understanding would be that warning would come up 51.8 V instead.

Batrium BMS status:

MPP solar overview:

MPP solar power config:

MPP solar parameters config:

Appreciate any help as I'm currently out of ideas.

Updated charging voltages and replaced SDM630 as first one had issues with the Modbus communication.
Seems to work nice till now.
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