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PCB cell holders for size 32650 / 32700?

I am planning to build a small powerwall / battery pack out of LiFePo4 cells in size 32700.
I really like the idea of using PCBs like used for the powerwall from Jehu and others - but they are for size 18650.

Does anyone of you has an idea for pcb cell holders that could be used instead?

My first idea was to use "Keystone" part number 89 as those are single clips used for standard D cells (also 32mm diameter).
Unfortunately I cannot get any library with this foodprint for Eagle or other ECAD program.

Kind regards,
Daniel / Wulffi
I can't see this being a very practical solution. Even for 18650s the resistance between the battery and the holder poses some problems.
You'd have to make it yourself.

Would you like some help?
The power of lithium ion is in our hands!
We'll show them what we're made of!
(08-08-2019, 02:07 AM)BlueSwordM Wrote: You'd have to make it yourself.

Would you like some help?

That would be fantastic if I could get some help! Smile
I've only used KiCad, but it wasn't that difficult to create parts from the spec sheet using tutorials on YouTube. Surely there are many tutorials for Eagle, too?
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