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Are there any tobacco growers here?
Well hello fellow growers, if there are any.
With tobacco, i mean tobacco and NOT weed, or any other thc growing plant.
Without chemicals, just pure clean tobacco.

I want to have my curing and drying room for tobacco back, for the 18650.
In order to do that i am going to build myself a curing chamber/oven.

Now i have been doing this for years, this way:
Hanf the fresh tobacco outside, till it gets flat and weak.(Yellowish)
Hang the leaves inside in a chamber with 35Celcius, and a rh of 85% to ferment
When all is yellow or brown(depends on the kind) the rh is going down to 75 to let it cure.

I am not going to use a crockpot or a old fridge or something that will keep me busy..
But more a custom made oven with proper wooden sheets and insulation!

I ordered from ali a heating pad 300w 230v and a temperature/humidity controller.
I can go all the way with all the combinations, even freezing if it must be done.

But, if i look at yt at the commercial tobacco growers, they start at day 1 at 35c day two at 45c day 3 at 55c.
Everything is bone dry, but in the good color, then they are going to humidify it back into case i guess ~70%.

Does anyone have some experience with this method?, You lost flavor?
Other ins and outs?
Any thoughts?????

Thanks in advance and with best regards.

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