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Are there any tobacco growers here?
Well hello fellow growers, if there are any.
With tobacco, i mean tobacco and NOT weed, or any other thc growing plant.
Without chemicals, just pure clean tobacco.

I want to have my curing and drying room for tobacco back, for the 18650.
In order to do that i am going to build myself a curing chamber/oven.

Now i have been doing this for years, this way:
Hanf the fresh tobacco outside, till it gets flat and weak.(Yellowish)
Hang the leaves inside in a chamber with 35Celcius, and a rh of 85% to ferment
When all is yellow or brown(depends on the kind) the rh is going down to 75 to let it cure.

I am not going to use a crockpot or a old fridge or something that will keep me busy..
But more a custom made oven with proper wooden sheets and insulation!

I ordered from ali a heating pad 300w 230v and a temperature/humidity controller.
I can go all the way with all the combinations, even freezing if it must be done.

But, if i look at yt at the commercial tobacco growers, they start at day 1 at 35c day two at 45c day 3 at 55c.
Everything is bone dry, but in the good color, then they are going to humidify it back into case i guess ~70%.

Does anyone have some experience with this method?, You lost flavor?
Other ins and outs?
Any thoughts?????

Thanks in advance and with best regards.
I tried to get interested in this topic last year, because I often smoke cigarettes and tobacco has become very expensive in 2019. That's why I wanted to grow tobacco at home on my own, until I found out that in 2020, quarantine began and many companies closed down, like the one where I purchased everything necessary for growing. That's why I decided to switch from tobacco to marijuana and started buy weed online canada because I heard a lot of positive reviews that I really liked. I love it now
it is not interesting...but really rewarding!
No chemicals for taste or to keep you addictive, but pure taste how tobacco was can quit when you run out of your own harvest, if you dont buy chemical enhanced tobacco that will keep you addictive!
What do you want to know?
Most important: you want to enjoy your smoke? or be an addictive?

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