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Replace batterie in haircutter
i hate that nowadays you have to throw everything away if it doesn't work anymore. 

So i try to replace my batterie for my Panasonic haircutter ER1421, but i can't finde the batteries online. 
They are 49mm long and 14mm diameter 1100mAh is written on them and also 1402A whatever this means.

Does anyone know where to buy those cheap?

Any other numbers on the cells?

What are the cells voltage when charged? If that can't be determined (due to far too much degradation), what is the voltage output of the charging circuit? This might be either a direct connection from the charge brick, or the circuitry inside the cutters.

I'm guessing these are standard 1.5V cells, or 3V series. If this is the case, you could just use a standard rechargeable AA cell (AA = 14.5mm x 49.2mm)
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