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[split] New Firebox Construction (Pond loop & components discussion)
At this stage, I think boiling the tap/ground water and then condensing it using copper coils into another container would be the way to go here.
Then go!

Which is great for needing bone strength, and nice that it helps keep lightning from hitting so close to us on a regular basis (it strikes a lot around our property during t-storms).

Lucky you....
I had several lightingns come out of the pond and the whole neighborhood had no power after those ones.
You really could smell and taste the ozon.(if you have the jacobs organ)


But why do i have a light out of my pond, is it not be the other way around?
Light comes from above, instead of the ground?
Lpg tanks are pretty cheap over auto clicker word unscrambler jumble solver here.
I think there went something wrong?
The sentence was, i believe:Lpg tanks are pretty cheap over here.
(09-20-2019, 02:47 PM)karina Wrote: Peltier element aren't so expensive anymore, i was surprised, i ordered 10 (15 amp) to play with.
Mind you, i more a Scottish guy when it comes to money Big Grin, you will understand!
The trick with peltier is very good insulation between the hot and cold side, and to get rid of the one you don't want.
The better you separate the hot and cold side, the better they work. But i will make a seperate thread on this.

Peltier units aren't that expensive physically. But consumption of power usage is very expensive and not worth it. Plus, in my application, peltiers would be extremely expensive for what I need to accomplish.
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