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24v packs
Hi guys, I’m wanting to assemble 24v 18650 battery packs and solar cells just for mucking around with at this stage, but also scale up when I feel confident enough to build a 10kw battery storage to attach to my existing 3kw solar system installed when I built my home.

Questions how much should each pack be rated at, series and or parallel configuration
The answer to this question is solely up to your needs and requirements. Size, capacities, required amps, surge amps, duration of high amp draw, etc, etc. Only you can answer this question, really.

If you haven't already, please read the FAQ located on the main page.
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24v would typically be 7s, but the capacity / parallel count and type of cells used would based on your own design requirements.
10kwh battery would be aprox 390,000mah. Assuming an average of 2000mah / cell then 390000/2000 = 195cells per pack. 195p*7s = 1,365cells total.
You can make smaller packs / cheaper BMSs - and parallelise them. Batrium (higher end/more expensive BMS) can easily balance 195cell packs.
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