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Prismatic cell packs
I already told that my main source of cells are e bike batteries.... in my searches I found a decent amount of batteries with prismatic cells in stead of 18650’s

I would like to make this capacity also available by making a dedicated prismatic 14s string.

Anyone ever done this before and have experience with it?
I've started work on a powerwall with 25Ah prismatic cells from Ford hybrid cars. They have the same voltage range; just need to compress them a bit like with pouch cells. Mine have spacers but I've seen other without them, so I'm not sure if they're really needed.
The prismatic cells in ebike batts, tend to devorm when you take them out of there packets.
A devormend cell is not good for use, sorry to say.
I will test them like i test the 18650’s and will see how they behave.

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