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Deforming battery when pulling strip off
(08-13-2019, 07:10 PM)mike Wrote: I throw out any cell with a dent, no matter what size it is. It's not worth the $0.20 cents it will take to get another cell. The structural integrity of the cell casing has been compromised and you don't know what the outcome may be.

This is my view too.
Anything that could be dangerous should not be used.
If you don't know what the risk the damage creates, how can you decide if the risk is acceptable (and the cell is worth so little that virtually no extra risk is worthwhile).
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I generally agree with leaving a small strip on disassembly but myself I don't do that.
It could be useful if re-soldering when needed but it can also be a problem if you're in tight spaces and you need to actually respect the 65mm length.

Regarding the bends, it's overall fine, sometimes that happens to me too and nothing is affected. The negative contact is not on the bottom but rather on the long-side of the outer case so you don't generally damage anything by lightly bending the bottom.

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