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DIY Soft Start Module
Got it :-)
It's bad enough with my regular off grid inverter - first time I closed the isolator, gave myself a decent fright from the spark - have implemented a pre-charge resistor system now too.
My system is:
Solar panels > charge controllers > LiFePo4 batteries > inverter > mains power

A thought for you.... do you need a bridge rectifier at all? If your input will always be the battery, never a wind turbine....
A bridge rectifier has two diode drops of loss in it. Loosing some efficiency?
Rough numbers: at 1V each & a 48V (say 54V battery) system that's 2/54 = ~3.7% loss with a 24V system it'd be much worse.
You probably should keep one diode there for "just in case mistakes" but maybe change it to a single high power Schottky type, so only one diode drop & less than a standard silicon diodes drop too.
Could even just remove them totally...
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)

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