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[SELLING] Used TESTED 18650 Cells [EU only] [non EU country PM]

Shipping cost around 25€ for 100 cells. Extra 100 cells only 5€ more.
(cheaper than before cause we have new deal)

Used tested cells
Some cells need re - shrink  
I can sell some shrink soon

Taken from faulty ebike battery

Tested with OPUS 3100 v2.2  and 0.5 A discharge

We always send baker's dozen.(100+ per box)

Building Lifepo4 Powerwall - atm 3400 cells growing
small update on ebay, will be listed other soon.
Building Lifepo4 Powerwall - atm 3400 cells growing
we have update both ebay and our website with over 2000 cells (not so much)
and still testing

we have a BMS/Balancing unit near to go to Kickstarter.

a modular monitor sistem with atleast 40 packs (like the other famous BMS ) but should be ready for 200+ units

balancing current up to 4A
fixed Volt balancing system or Smart balancing (software will think when balancing is need)
temperature sensor on each  pack (not on the module, but a probe that you can put somewhere near each 1S
led that will help you know system state + debugging
oled on smartmonitor (every 1s) to see what's going on.

on PC side we are still in alpha...

our business idea is :
1) develop a board with all ready to solder or premade or  a "lego - like" board with few things to solder
2) give BOM and gerber to communitiy, so everyone can build it itself ; buying online pre made boards (not our board but compatible one)
3) charge a small amount for firmware
4) probably we'll release  PC monitoring software as opensource 

we have a ready PCB 1S16P for 4x holders (easy to replace bad cells) with 1fuses for every single holder slot.
this pcb should be able to push 100A peak from each board.
we are testing all then will put some pics about.
we are thinkin about what to do with this board (no business idea
Building Lifepo4 Powerwall - atm 3400 cells growing

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