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General battery pack/PV planning
buy 150ah, they are cheaper at the kw, if they keep their promises, and sell you what they advertise with.

Btw, Rik, i have a feeling you work in the construction somewhere?
atm i work in obdam, goorn, zaandam, alkmaar hoorn and purmereutel.
Send me a pm if you want to meet
Hello again.

I have bought more Yinlong LTO-cells.
Now I have a bit over 440pcs 66160H 40Ah, but I have not had the time to build more packs yet.

A question: 

- Most of these LTO cells have the marked tightening torque 7Nm, but the newest cells (120pcs, the latest buy) have 12 Nm.
- Does anybody know what other differences, compared with the 7Nm cells, these new 12Nm cells have?
- Do You know when Yinlong has changed the 7Nm to 12Nm?
- Do these have the same electrodes, capacity, etcetera?

I measured the internal resistance, got around 0.20-0.25 milliohms which I think is very good (ZR-option).

I am using this meter, usually with clips:
I have still a couple of questions:

- where could I find information of the Yinlong 66160H serial numbers, and what they mean?
- Is it possible to find the manufacturing date, capacity etc. from it?

The "new" 66160H cells are a bit funny, they have this 12 Nm marked tightening torque, I compared the serial numbers with some 7Nm marked 66160H cells, some 7Nm marked serial numbers were higher and some lower!

The seller claims that Yinlong "changed 7NM to 12NM since 2018.8"!

The weight was about the same as the 7Nm, some grams lower or higher!
One of the "new" had two serial number labels! Not like each other at all.

One might think that the 12Nm cells should be heavier since they need to be stronger than the 7Nm cells?

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