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BMS integration to Victron + system design
Of course they wouldn't advice it. Why would they allow any other vendor interact with their system if they doesn't get paid for it Tongue

The 3phase part could be that Victron would be 3 units and that Batrium might not be able to handle all 3 properly? (Just wildly guessing) - Some day I hope that I also have the blue wonder units at home Tongue
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Venus is open, Victron historically released (but dont these days) all that's required for third party manufacturers wanting to interact - but zero support.

No issues with WM4 and Victron in a 3ph configuration - but zero support from Victron if a battery or BMS related issue occurs (as you'd expect) - you'll likely not get any help or support with a DIY 3ph installation from Victron either, as they'd prefer you to consult with a dealer for design & installation.

The Victron salesperson won't earn any commission if you buy from Batrium.

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