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Behaviour of cells in parallel.
i have test combined 9 cells , 3s3p , 12 volt , i charged them to have small power wall 2.8 AH so i can have a bulb 5 watt only .

the result when i put them with 12 Volt Inverter & 5 Watt Lamp, so they used 10 Watt Total ,the discharge rate was 1.1 A ,it only Gave me 1.1 AH @ Cut off 10.5 Volt then my Inverter start make noise ,so i stopped.
so my small test says that i only got 1.1 AH out of 2.8 AH , which is 39% only,
my question here if i have another Inverter i can Go more Deeper rather than 10.5 Volt ,so i can have more than 39% ,correct me if i'm wrong.
i'll attach Picture of my test soon
Incorrect. your inverter shut off due to low voltage. so putting a second inverter in parallel would only drain the cells faster. You need 4s, not 3s, for a 12V system. But then you loose top end voltage/capacity unless your inverter can handle 16V input.
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