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CPAP gets 18650ed.
Not much progress, but I did get the battery all dressed up and labeled.
-Mike G
I think having the BMS sitting on multiple cells without any padding/isolation is a potential hazard. This is going on road trips / camping trips and get shaken/bumped a lot along the way, right? Pointy parts on the back could rub through the cell wrappers and eventually cause a short.
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Modular PowerShelf using 3D printed packs.  40kWh and growing.
It's there, just not pictured.  Smile

Also, I actually made a little progress with the box.

Unfortunately, the charging hardware doesn't fit. But all the stuff necessary for camping does. I still need to fit the power meter and switch in such a way that it doesn't flop around during travel. The battery fits pretty snug, but I'd also like to make sure it doesn't have space to move around after the box is shut.
-Mike G

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