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CPAP gets 18650ed.
(08-16-2019, 08:57 PM)Lucan Wrote: I also use a CPAP, and also use the ResMed A10. PLEASE DON'T USE AN INVERTER with the standard AC/DC power supply. Terribly inefficient, and some have reported power supply failures with cheap modified sine inverters.  Resmed makes a DC/DC power supply for the A10 unit that will run on 12V/24V systems. Note that the Resmed power supply uses a "smart" connector. I considered building my own power supply after reading this thread, but in the end decided the $85 was worth it. 

It will run between 12V and 24V. I have used this power supply with a 12V lead acid, 18V tool batteries, and my 24V custom pack, described below.

I built a 7s8p pack using a 20A BMS (ebay).  The pack fits nicely in the small Apache case from Harbor Freight (a clone of a Pelican case).  I added a 20A fuse, Anderson PowerPole connectors, a 3d printed connector holder to the side of the case, and a simple volt meter. Below are some pictures of the V1.0 build. I'm building a second pack that will have a battery state of charge meter, plus a USB outlet for phone charging.

I've taken my pack camping a couple times this year and it will run the CPAP for 3 nights, with the humidifier on!

I forgot to add, for charging I picked up a dedicated 7s, 2A charger. 29.4Vmax voltage. Less than $10 shipped from eBay. It seems like most/all of the parts needed for this build came from China/eBay.

Lucan, this info is brilliant!!
I started playing the 18650 game because I need to power my Resmed Airsense 10 while I'm away shooting in the state forest. Had I not read this and found out about the resmed DC/DC power supply, I don't know what I would have done once I got to the stage of powering the unit.
I'm interested in the "20A BMS (ebay)", that you chose for your setup and the choice to go for 7s.
I'm also wondering how everything is running, after over a year of use. Cheers.

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