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Batrium Timeout problem
Thanks.  I tried re-flashing the firmware but that did not fix my problem.  I am supposed to have a Watchmon 4 that I bought off of a fellow forum member delivered today and will install it and see if all is well.  Hopefully it will be.  I have not been given an option to return the current Watchmon and have it repaired or replaced for a charge at this time.

I would love to know about the connectors as I am still waiting on the plug in terminal blocks being sent to me by Batrium.  And the connectors on the Longmon's are something that would be good to have also  since they need to be unplugged/reseated if modifications to the system need to be done.  

Regarding that my usual double check, installing the new Watchmon ...this is the procedure I should follow:

First connect the new Watchmon by USB and update the firmware then follow this connection procedure.  Then unplug the USB cable to the Watchmon and use this procedure to connect it to the system.

1.  Unplug all Longmons and all connections to the current Watchmon
2.  Then plug the CMU cable and Shunt cable to the new Watchmon.  Do not power up the new Watchmon at this time.
3.  Reconnect each Longmon starting with the last pack in the communication chain.
4. Power up the new Watchmon using USB
5. Run the setup Wizard and go through all the setup tests until the network and device sync etc. is verified.
6. Then close the software toolkit and power down the Watchmon by disconnecting the USB.
7.  Connect the power sources and other devices such as Shunt trip and fan assembly to the designated slots.  After this is done, turn the power on to the Watchmon and Expansion board (I have a switch installed for this).
8.  Reboot the Toolkit software and proceed to setup preferred settings in the toolkit.

This may seem elementary but I have received communication that I probably did not follow the proper connection sequence when I proceeded to tidy up the cabling this last weekend and as such I damaged the Watchmon.  I still believe that any damage happened during the whole fan control issue but I just wanted to double check here if something is amiss with my connection procedure.  I don't need another damaged Watchmon!

Thanks for all the help here.
The newly acquired Watchmon 4 did fix the problem ...all is working well now.  So hopefully at some point I can pursuade the folks at Batrium to tell me the cost to fix/replace the damaged Batrium Watchmon 4.  It could be a good backup for someone in the case the need arises.  Thanks everyone.

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