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Use BMS from power tool packs
I've been getting power tool batteries from the recycling at work. I'm wanting to try to build a powerwall using the cells and I thought why can't I use the BMS also that comes with the cells. Will these work?
Your question has nothing to do with cell phone batteries, split into a new thread.
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Not all power tool batteries have an internal BMS, some (dewalt, Makita) have the electronics in the tool. The ones that do have an internal BMS (Ryobi, Ridgid) are typically for 5s/18V. Lately there have been many 10S/40V tools coming to market for lawn/garden tools. I've seen 60V/15S for electric lawn mowers.

As far as I can tell, none of them do balancing, but they do have individual cell monitoring. So if you can make your system work on a non-standard voltage and manually check balancing, then go for it.

BTW, Ego makes a 56V/14S system that would work on a 48V nominal set up. Not as common as say Dewalt, but readily available.

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