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IoTaWatt 240v reference calibration
Using the euro 240v Vt with the IoTaWatt, I need to be able to calibrate the 240v voltage reference so the power the cts are sensing is read-graphed at half that 240v reference...
Yeah I tried to get some info from there but I’m not receiving an email to login...been trying for 2 days. I have read all I can from there but still falls short of answering the question above due to most ppl just using the 120v Vts reference..but I have 240v inverters connected to split phase panel so the inverters act a little funny when legs loads are unbalanced , so I need the iotawatt (if I was to purchase it) to be very accurate when legs are unbalanced so I can have a more accurate reading of what’s happening at the time of the unbalance..using a 240v Vt reference is more accurate when the legs are unbalanced..

The pics is all the info I could find that could help
(08-24-2019, 07:28 PM)Doin it Wrote: Yeah I tried to get some info from there but I’m not receiving an email to login...been trying for 2 days.

I assume this is you ?

Yeah I just got the email, thx for trying to figure it out for me tho Sean
DELETE THREAD PLZ,,I got it figured out thx, unless someone else might benefit from this but there’s not much info on this thread
Please add the details of what you found so others can benefit from it, plz. We don't just willy nilly delete threads unless they are irrelevant or are spam
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I figured this issue wasn’t pertinent to most ppl but will do

Ok so basically when using iotawatt to monitor home power usage at the mains split phase wires:
Option #1 Using a single 120v reference is the least accurate way to read power usage but still remains the chosen way to monitor split phase...
Option #2 Using a single 240v reference is more accurate than option #1 and is calibrated to half the 240v reference in the iotawatt settings...
Option #3 Using two 120v references is the most accurate due to each mains legs actual voltage being used...
The amount of inaccuracy can be as much as 90w (not typical) during times when there’s much higher loads on one leg of mains..
I am going to use option 3 with the iotawatt, requires purchasing the extra 12$ Vt which allows the iotawatt to use voltage references from both phases

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