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Anybofy know anything about this board?
Wondrr if anybody knows anything about this board, wonder if it does balancing, cant see any ics to check, but the looks of it think it may
Either side has different ics, one for charging one bor balanging im hoping

Ok can seen now just a charger, 6 charging circuits either side, but they look pretty complex circuits just for charging was hoping maby it balances somehow, but no processor sad face.
Battery is li iron using 18650s, 14s, 0p, and growing cell so far 300, untesteded.
Bms is a diy open source by stuartpittaway.
No solar yet, 
Building wind turbine, 48v im after a 48v motor if anybody has one for sale.
Cells 2000 to 2500ma.
Cells 1500 to 2000ma.
Cells 1000 to 1500ma.
Its a BMS and not any charger or charging regulation

All info is in the text if you read it.
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