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ATS on AC coupled grid tied system.
(08-26-2019, 01:10 PM)completelycharged Wrote: Looking at the specification (from the manual) for your unit, DO NOT CONNECT ANY PV INVERTERS TO THE CRITICAL/UPS OUTPUT.

The inverter stage is a high frequency type (in the manual) and does not allow backfeed of any PV power, unlike the design of the Victron units which are a low frequency type setup.

The design of the unit is such that one of three things will happen :

1. The unit would burnout as the PV inverters fight the frequency following of the inverter
2. The unit would shutdown with over voltage when there is insufficient load attached
3. The PV inverters would shutdown on over voltage when there is insufficient load attached

Best case, the supply would be at the maximum voltage range when you have insufficient load (which will make all EU specific tollrance based, 220V, appliances fail before thier time).

This is effectively your inverter design :
48V Battery -> DC Boost only stage -> HV Capacitor -> Inversion stage -> 240V AC

The other interesting bit in the spec for the unit is the short circuit handling capability (100A 1uS) which with a typical fuse/breaker as protection any short near the unit will likely result in the output inverter stage blowing (FET replacement fix). Just be carefuls as to what and how much you attach as suirge handling from some appliances may be an issue.


I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m only going to use the UPS or as they call it the EPS for a critical
loads board as intended.

I’m going to fit an additional consumer unit and put a couple of lights, maybe a couple of socket outlets for fridge etc and the heating controls onto it.
UK Southwest.

7 kWp Solar Panels (28 x 250Wp Shinetime Mono).
14 X APS YC500i Micro Inverters.
28 X 40P 18650 cell packs/modules configured as 14S 80P.
Sofar Mass Energy ME3000SP AC coupled charger/inverter.
Still sourcing and processing cells for powerwall.

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