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New PKCELL Batteries
Hello everyone,,
I'm a newbie here but I hope I can help with the cell database...
Recently I bought a protected PKCELL battery, individual packaging, well wrapped, protected. However, there wasn't any single data about it anywhere. This is the packaging:

All that was written is "high discharge performance". I couldn't resist, so I cut the wrapping open and found the marking "INR18650A260". It turned out it's actually a YikLik, 2600mAh, continuous discharge of 5A with 2.75V cutoff. Here are the detailed tech specs:

The battery is, however, decent and performs very well (for now). 2680mAh measured for one, 2644mAh for another, all on 3V cutoff! Both exceeding nominal capacity by far. If you drain them to 2.75V like proposed in the specs, I got about 80mAh more each.
I already have about 15 cycles with them in the Convoy C8+ flashlight. Here are some actual photos:

[Image: 20181021-001735.jpg]

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Never tried PKCELL Li-ion cells but have bought more than 50 Ni-MH cells from their official store a couple of years ago. LSD and non-LSD, AA and AAA size ones. They perform excellent.
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I have bought plenty of the oddball cells from pkcell on ebay.
Things like 14500.
All have exceeded their claimed capacity.
Some by a large margin.
Like the 700mah blue 14500.
Many are close to 900mah at 1a.

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