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Look what's possible: eDumper
I was really surprised when i saw them, like a kid's first time in a candy store.
I don't know the full story of the 100% electric one, but they told me that there was no diesel engine whatsoever anymore.
Probably they will use those ones in cities and close to the cement plants, there charging stations must have a minimum of 16 hours to reach full charge.
When they come with the 100% electric truck next month(probably jan/feb), i can drive a small piece, if there is time, and i am there.

Nice video, was recorded in the Netherlands, i will also dig into this, more and more is converted into electric.
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Interesting. The video is from 2017, so maybe they've made upgrades since then. Which would be great! More electric on industrial equipment will help drive the operating costs down and in hopes also drop construction costs (unless the owners are greedy and keep the prices high for a higher margin).
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