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Hello from South Africa
Hi there,

After stumbling onto the HBPowerwall channel in the beginning of July 2019, I just knew I had to have my own powerwall. After spending almost a week trying to source some batteries while binge-watching the HBPowerwall videos, I paid through my nose for the 1st 20 (to see what's its all about), paid a bit less for the next 200 and then hit the jackpot on 1400 Dell/HP/Toshiba/Acer batteries at e-waste pricing.  

Just finished my 32/20 battery charging station but hit a bit of a road block on some 'hot' red Sanyo cells.

Seem to be making progress otherwise..


That's one neat setup!
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Yea most of us follow that same procedure Pay out the nose then figure out the cheaper ways of doing things. Well Done and Welcome
(08-28-2019, 04:20 PM)jdeadman Wrote: Yea most of us follow that same procedure    Pay out the nose then figure out the cheaper ways of doing things.  Well Done and Welcome
Thank you jdeadman, I have a lot of questions, but not sure how to formulate the questions yet...
No worries. Ask away Even if we don;t quite understand we will make an effort to clarify. Generally we are all layed back people (with a few exceptions lol) and are willing to help
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