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one for thye electrronics experts? need some help
need some help with a circuit wondere if anybody can help me, im trying to make a anti spark switch which turns on high cuttent turns on a 12s battery, ive designed a momantry on off part of the circuit which turns on 2 mosphets, but i need a turn off after say 5 mins on no use on the battery so i soppose it must monitor current? or maby some other way maby, or is there a small pcb available with this somewhere [/size]
Battery is li iron using 18650s, 14s, 0p, and growing cell so far 1000ish, untesteded.
Bms chinese bluetooth
No solar yet, very soon, looking to buy panels if anyone has any?
So you're looking for a timer that runs for approx 5 mins & switching circuit off when little/no power is being drawn?
So a 5 min timer with a reset input and a current sense circuit to feed the reset?
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)

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