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Which ev to start with?
I am not sure how or where to begin, so i will ramble some words down, sorry

What would be a nice ev to start with.

The most expensive thing on such a car, are the battery's, so i am looking for a cheap second handed ev.
The more cheaper they get the worse the batteries are.

I would like to make my own battery and that is it.
For what i have read so far about the electronics in most ev's, it's not in my thing.
Probably i will end up like this: hamer good car bad...smash.

Computers will stop the car if they don't know where the extra power is coming from?
You must program them? sorry not for me.

I would also like to store more power with time, ofcourse not to overload the car.
At the other hand: a trailer full, for a 1000 mile road trip?(not entirely joking btw)

I was thinking about a station, van or pickup, just for me, my better half(& the doggies) and work.
So i must also be able to get some stuff from a to b, not only grocery's.
For my better half a Opel ampera or such only for her work.
I restored two old Cadillacs incl engine, with success, so body work is no big deal.

I think for my case it would be easier to buy a second hand ev and remake the battery or rip everything out and buy a complete plug and play system? If something like this exist?
(converting a dodge w200 Cool)

What and where would be a good place to start, except this million dollar forum, to go for "plug and drive" diy systems.
And a car brand? a friend of mine suggested Opel, they should be easy with the batteries to expand or renew them.

I am aware of the laws in my country about this, not impossible or illegal.
Any idea or thoughts are welcome.
Thanks in advance.
I stumbled upon several Nissan's NV200 without battery an a lot Renault Kangoo Express without battery.
At very affordable; prices, 5 to 10.000 euros

I could not manage (jet) to find out the voltage that was used on those cars.
40kw to 60kw can be harvested in a year.
Is it duable to make a battery pack for them?
Would the computer take it?
But i think there is more hidden into this.

As far for the diy market around here in this corner of the eu there is not much to buy for diy ev project.
If you have a Citroen you can buy a lot, Vw beetle for Germany also, any more links?

Thanks in advance,
Have you considered the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV? Used ones are very cheap. The battery is only 10kWh usable or so, but for most people that's plenty for daily commutes. For longer trips, you'll start using gasoline. But it's a 2.0L engine, so very economical for a vehicle of that size.
1000 mile road trip, dogs, trailer... all no problem.

I'm thinking of getting one soon. The 4WD should be useful in the winter.
Modular PowerShelf using 3D printed packs.  60kWh and growing.
Out of curiosity are Tesla cars available in your area? I’ve looked at some used ones like the smart car, Fiat 500e, Chevy volt and even Tesla’s for the batteries, but I never thought about refurbishing one before.
I had some email contact with a company here in the Netherlands.
They sell complete diy conversions kits for VW t1 to t5.
Also only parts.
So i am on a hunt for a t3 or t5, strip it totally, and rebuild it without diesel engine.
I am handy enough with cars, after restoring three Cadillacs, no fear, but its a good thing they sell complete kits, i would be lost.... kits are RDW (vehicle check and approval) approved.

The electronics are coming from that company(plug and play without nasty computers), and the cells from ev europe incl some charging equipment.
Our RDW does not make so much fuss about the cells, or the amount of kwh you are hauling around, it would be a shame to use 18650.

Dreams can come true?
Harvest solar energie, store it in your own diy powerwall, transfer it into your car.

Remember that annoying noise every not your better half.

Estimated total project costs with a lot of elbow grease and sweat: 25.000 euro for a donor car, electronics, e motor, batteries(60kwh minimum), suspension brakes ect.
The amount of beer or wine are not calculated.
This will take me to work the next 25 years....

The size of the powerwall at home for the car alone 300kwh, to be save for a week without sun.
Small plus point: i can charge my car at the construction site with 380v 62 amp.
Big plus point: i can save a minimum of 5000 euro every year on gas(with this year prices estimated)
This will be a fun project

I think my roof is big enough: 50 usable square meters, 40 (80incl shadow) extra coming due to a extra shed, all dead south.
Any hints tips tricks for this project? i am still planning, but really want to start after i get the whole picture complete.

Some neighbors down the road have converted a 2cv, they are laughing at everybody....but don't have to travel far for work.

Thanks for reading and replays
I think it is necessary to consult with a practicing electrician first. He can provide valuable information on the subject.

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