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Switching a load when battery is full?
Are there any easy methods to switch a load (max 10A) when batteries are fully charged or close to? It should also stop on a certain Voltage or state of charge.

I'll use batrium and have the expansion board, maybe batrium is able to do something like that? And what will happen with the charger if the load is switched at lets say 55V and 56V is the max charging voltage. Could it be a problem?
This would be an easy way, using an overvoltage protection relay to do it. It measures battery voltage, when it reaches the set voltage it pulls the relay, I use it to actuate a larger 30 amp automotive relay. These relay are fully programmable at what volltage they activate or deactivate. Cost is about 10 dollars for a 0-99 volt unit. 

When the load is switched on, the charger should keep on charging, since the voltage will still be under the maximun voltage.

Found something quite similar. Not with Display. Seems to be a good simple solution. To use Batrium would be perfect...
Batrium can do some switchin. But its hard to understand your actual goal here?
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(09-01-2019, 03:53 PM)Maniac_Powerwall Wrote: I'll use batrium ......

No problem at all, no messing about with relays either if you buy a CAN controlled charger that's on the list of supported products.
I want to start a micro gried tied inverter to feed surplus into my house. Normally the system will be not grid tied just for some devices in my home. But if batteries are full I want to add some surplus into the whole house. There are micro invertes wich are cheap and optimized for battery use and legal in Germany. You just have to tell the provider about...
Any reason you could not use the Batrium's control logic?
Eg under menu > control logic > Charging tab use Hi SoC &/or Shunt Hi cutout & resume values.
You'd then use the relevant output pin to drive a MOSFET or relay, etc.
When the charging output turns "off" you'd arrange it to turn "on" your load.

Eg set the SOC cutout to eg 98% & resume to eg 95%?
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Ok, that would be perfect. Still building the packs 3 of 14 completed so far. Didn't use Batrium untill now. Maybe I should build a small 14 s pack for testing :-)
I use the float relay output on my solar charge controller... you could do similar
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Float relay output? In Batrium? Could you explain more?

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