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Outback MX/FM controllers - some stuff I've learnt
I thought this post would be handy reading for anyone who has an Outback MX or FM series MPPT controller. I've noticed a strange behaviour this summer whereby my charger wouldn't drop into float after the absorb stage, and appeared to be absorbing .2v higher than my setpoint.

I noticed the other day when I got back from work that the Outback MATE display/controller in the house was showing that the MPPT was trying to do an EQ cycle. I started thinking this might have been a firmware bug, I had never requested an EQ.

Anyway Tl;Dr - by default an MX/FM controller will try and do an euto-EQ every 7 days. You need to disable this.

Next point to mention - If you want to try and change the EQ setpoint in an MX/FM controller, you must do this from the MX/FX controller itself, if you try and do it from the MATE, you cannot set the EQ setpoint lower than 56.2v. Setting it on the MX/FM allows you to set it to match the absorb setpoint, for safety.

Another point to note is that setpoint adjustments directly on the MX/FM can be performed in .1v steps. If you do this from the MATE, you can only do it in .2v setpoints.

Hope that helps somebody out...

@Sean, looks like I found my controller problem
Current system: 9.6kWh wet Nicad batteries, 16S1P Calb LiFePo4 210aH, Batrium WM4, Outback vfx3048 inverter, mx60 mppt controller, flexware 500 mounting hardware, 2.4kW solar array, 6kW lister diesel genset. MY'13 Vauxhall Ampera

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