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Supplemental panels facing east/west
(09-04-2019, 04:59 AM)ajw22 Wrote:
(09-04-2019, 04:21 AM)Jon Wrote: [...] so have added so East and West panels to avoid importing as much early and late in the day. [...]

Do you have a before-after comparison graph?  Or a rough estimate how many hours the upgrade extended your non-import time?

Not really in proper measurements sorry.
This time of year sunrise is about 05:55, this date last year at 07:30 we were making 420W, this year we were making 740W with the addition of 6 200W panels facing East on roof pitch. If we were chasing it properly I’d trim some branches as there’s shade on at least 3 of the panels and stand them more upright.
They’re 2nd hand panels and micros for cheap cheap so don’t need to contribute much.
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