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batrium wifi
Well Well surprise surprise yet another fault with my batrium .
Ok so i have done the update for the watchmon tool kit to 2.0.12
followed all the update instructions as per the batrium web site.
now my wifi on the batrium will not connect.
I have tried different modems different laptops moved the modems closer but still no luck.
It worked for about a day after the update now i get nothing. Angry Angry Angry

Has anyone else had wifi problems after the 2.0.12 update that was ment to fix wifi problems?
never had a problem with wifi before the update and changed nothing on my system before or after.
I think no wait im sure that the watchmon 4 i got is a complete lemon. Huh Thanks BATRIUM.
Make sure it has a strong signal for the initial connection, on both your Batrium and the computer you're using. Mine connects quickly almost every time, but I have had a few random times where it takes a while (up to 15 minutes) to connect for whatever reason.

If you're still not able to get it to connect, I think the best bet would be to contact Batrium directly.
Have you talked to Batrium about it?
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I just did an upgrade from 2.0.07 to 2.0.12 and all seems to be working - including the wifi. As you know, you do the upgrade connected thru USB. After the upgrade, did a shutdown of toolkit and restarted it and selected wifi connection option immediately - it took maybe 3 seconds for wifi info to appear and then connect was immediate.
(09-04-2019, 07:15 AM)Garry Lauder Wrote: now my wifi on the batrium will not connect.
Has anyone else had wifi problems after the 2.0.12 update that was ment to fix wifi problems?

Best to reach out to the support team to help you investigate via email provider of battery management for lithium cells
No have not contacted batrium as here is faster to get help unless you have a big youtube channel.
I still think i just got a lemon it happens with electronics all the time .
Here is not the place - reach out via email - support has come a long way and sounds like it's a 15min fix.
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