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Highstar isr18650-2000 mah
Putting default spces on a site of which administration is most of the time a random copy-paste operator has zero relevance.
^^^ fyi: the spec's listed in HKJ's reviews are excerpted from the manufacturer datasheets, including the nominal voltage, as can easily be checked. 

Since the search I gave in post #10 reveals a few hundred high-drain IMR/INR cells that are 3.7V nominal, and less than half as many that are 3.6V nominal, this implies that your guess in post #9 that  "any high current cell manufacturer will give 3.6V as standard nominal for high drain" is false.

Again, nowadays 3.6V vs. 3.7V nominal doesn't imply much of anything (not even anything about "average" voltage, since many manufacturers list the higher 3.7V in order to get inflated Wh numbers for marketing purposes).

In the old days when many cells were nominal 3.6V cells that could only be charged to 4.10V then it had a little more meaning. That's why many older RC/hobby chargers had the 3.6V/4.10V setting. Nowadays this has shifted to the distinction between 3.7/4.20V vs. 3.8/4.35V (LiHV).
Want to see the true nominal of a cell ? Measure voltage over time, pick the high end of the Gauss and that's it.

Samsung QtoT - Nominal voltage 3.6V:
LG HGs - Nominal voltage 3.6V:
Sony VTs - Nominal voltage 3.6V:
Sanyo/PA - Nominal voltage 3.6V:

I consider any other comments irrelevant and off-topic.

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