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Help with selecting a motor for ev smart car

Im seriously concidering doing an ev smart car, if its suitable, or other small car ie can fit a motor into it and attach it to the gearbox easerly, pretty sure i could knock up an adaptor plate to mate them together, seen a few done.

Think i can do the cell, and inverter but unsure on how big in kw motor shlould be? and size on inverter to use? Or even best voltage to aim for

Wonder if someone coild point me in the right direction or help me selecting right size motor that would be suitable, am i right in thinking 3 phase motors are used, lr a specific type of 3 phase motors.

Cell no problem, using 18650s, know someone who has a big pile of them.

Was thinking of a 12s battery? Is this the best option / voltage?, but unsure what i inverter to use ie kwS

Or maby someone has seen a build where i could get some info from, or should i just stick to my e skateboard?

Battery is li iron using 18650s, 14s, 0p, and growing cell so far 300, untesteded.
Bms is a diy open source by stuartpittaway.
No solar yet, 
Building wind turbine, 48v im after a 48v motor if anybody has one for sale.
Cells 2000 to 2500ma.
Cells 1500 to 2000ma.
Cells 1000 to 1500ma.

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