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Anybody know anytbing about large intveters 50hp?
Im looking to do an ev samall car, not sure which route to go basically there are 2
Forkift dc motor dc controller
3phase motor 50hp ish and inverter

Really not clued up on inverters well i am used to be a lift engineer so know how to use them, but what i need to know what size kw inverter
To turn a 50hp motor and pull a small car along!

Anybody know anything about this? Or know any really goood forums?

Thank you
Battery is li iron using 18650s, 14s, 0p, and growing cell so far 1000ish, untesteded.
Bms chinese bluetooth
No solar yet, very soon, looking to buy panels if anyone has any?
You don't use an inverter for this type of application. You use a specific piece of hardware called an Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). There's an open source projects out there if you want to build your own (other from scratch or kit form), these are called VESC's
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4hp is my practical experience limit, I have a couple of 2ph units that I was experimenting with under parallel control with modbus (for a train).

I have a smaller 1hp inverter and 1/2hp motor unit for playing with and will end up as a vibration unit for sifting soil for a few weeks

The larger AC 3 phase inverters are no different from smaller inverters, however you don't want to use an induction motor. Look at the larger scale RC type (PWM modulated control) as these could be large enough.

For an EV you really need to go brushless permanent magnet motor and then the sizing depends on gearing, vehicle weight, maximum climb gradient, pulling torque, etc.

The AC type inverters (they can accept HV DC direct) are typically rated 1:1 with the motor as they have overload / surge capabilities way above thier rating and are typically detailed in the manual / spec..
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50kW HVAC inverter with sensorless vector control, hack the DC bus to connect to your battery pack.

Get a 30kW nominal AC induction motor, crack on with the mechanicals.

^^^ That guy used off the shelf inverter with a bigger IGBT pack and I think he went on to work for Tesla.
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