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LTO as buffer
(09-14-2019, 10:34 PM)completelycharged Wrote:

Thank you for the specifics!    I think I see what you are thinking.   Both batteries would provide the full 'battery part' of the consumption for a 24hr cycle - its just that the LTO could provide short bursts (high consumption during parts of the day) and the 18650 would have a smoother cycle - i.e. steady power to recharge the LTO over a 24hr period.   

This would mean
1) The LTO would have to be large enough to provide the required 'battery consumption' for the cycle 
2) The 18650 would still need to provide the 'battery consumption' - its just that it could do a shallower DOD since its spaced out over 24hrs.

In my case, the LTO would have to be huge (20kwh or more) and that defeats the purpose $ wise for me.

I have been reading a lot on Victrons site, i can almost memorise all there inverter/charger ect.
It did not suit my needs so i forgot about this one,
But there is an inverter, that can limit your peak power (most of them)and connect back to the grid or to a other alternatief source.
So if your 18650 cells are comfortable with 25 ah you can limit it to that.
Anything above that will come from a second source, short period of time(lto's)
If both are depleted, it will switch back to the grid.

You can program everything, the way you want and like.

Still reading and learning on Victrons possibilities, probably i am not totally wrong.
Feel free to correct me or send me into the right direction.

My two cents, best

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