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Car battery recommendations?
Hey y'all. Family member's car wouldn't start this morning, and sure enough the battery is roughly 4 years old, time to swap it out.
I've done it before and don't have a problem with the process, but it's been a few years and what I really need is a battery recommendation: brand, plus anything else you'd like to add.
Don't need it to be super inexpensive, we'd just like it to last and get the best battery for the money. We'd like to keep it under $200 for a five year model.
I will be buying it locally at an AutoZone or the like and swapping it out on Saturday, so keep that in mind (nothing special order or hard to find). We're in a major city so we have many parts stores from which to choose.
So what's out there these days? Is Interstate still the best, or is that old news? What batteries are giving the best value for you guys lately?
Car batteries should last longer than 4 years. The only time it goes bad fast is if you left the lights on and drain the battery or if the car isn't driven much and the electronics on the car drain the battery and/or the battery just self discharges after 6 months of disuse. I converted my bike to lifepo4 because of this and now it's just awesome!

Otherwise batteries should last longer than 4 years. My daily driver had the same battery for 12 years and never had the battery drained (my car turns the lights on/off automatically). This is also with some 10F cold starts during winter. It finally failed me one cold morning and I went to Costco and bought an Interstate for under $100. So now time will tell on this new battery.
I buy my cars new and keep them for 15+ yrs. - i.e. same car over many years.   Typically a higher-end, new battery lasts 5 yrs in my experience.
A battery in a car should easily last 10 years if taken Care of.

With that Said you can kill a battery within 6 month easily. After working with rental cars for many years i have seen batteries going dead after Short time but we had many vara older than 7 years with same battery Smile

At home i have had cars with batteries över 15 years Still going strong. A big factor is also temperature. An older battery is alot more sensitiva against Cold weather

My tip is go to your local dealer and get a battery with Good warranty
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The last battery I got for my truck was an Optima yellow top I found for sale - IIRC, it was roughly the same price as a sealed lead acid. I've had it for a couple years, but not long enough to tell you if AGM is worth the $. I recently bought a battery for my wife's Honda pilot. The price from the Honda dealer was lower than the one from the local advance auto parts. It's still new, so I cant comment on that one either. My point is to call around and compare reviews/warranties.
One more thing, the battery might not be dead. I would replace it, but you may be able to get more life out of the old one by adding some electrolyte; ie distilled water (if it can be maintained). If you need to keep an extra battery around and it can still be used, it might be worth holding onto it. Just a thought.
Out of curiosity what was the brand of the battery that died? Car batteries really should last up to 10 years. Even using cheap batteries they tend to last at least 5.

Cars that do lots of short trips, and don't get any decent long runs, their batteries don't last. Nor is it good for the engine itself.
You guys get really long life spans on your auto batteries!!!

I'm happy with 3-4 years on my cars. That goes for both the gas passenger cars and diesel pickups. I've used Odyssey, Autozone, Optima and Costco. The only major change is the price! I run about 20k miles a year on the truck so it see lots of long trips and still no change. Temps from around 0F to 115F. I think the temps are the major killer for me.
(09-16-2019, 04:57 PM)gpn Wrote: Temps from around 0F to 115F. I think the temps are the major killer for me.

Yeah, Lead Acid batteries work at this best between 50F and 70F, outside temps. If you can get good shielding around the battery to keep the engine temps off of it, that'll extend the life even further.
I usually can get around 5 yrs from a new battery. That's AdvanceDiscount (AutoCraft) and Wal-mart batteries. Those are the only two I've used so far. I've even gotten almost 5 years from a reconditioned AutoCraft battery. Gold/Premium ones, that is. The Silver ones are basically trash, tho.
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Yes batteries should last longer than 5 years. It's usually not the battery but all the other factors. Like I said mine's a daily driver, so I drive it daily. My bike is my 'second vehicle' and that battery dies because of lack of use. Self discharging is bad because the plates on these car batteries are not meant for multiple deep discharges. You also have bad alternators charging the batteries too high causing the water to boil off the batteries prematurely. Poorly made batteries would also do the same thing with one cell being out of balance causing a premature death. If it's a non-maintenance free version you can top off the electrolyte but non of us ever do. You can put your battery monitor and graph it out like you guys do for your own powerwall and see what the car does to the battery!

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